EXACTLY how a car engine

works - 3D animation !

Subaru Boxer Turbo Diesel Engine

Car engine: main structure

components- 3D animation

How engine works


Ferrari V8




About us

Ninety One Auto Service Centre Sdn Bhd was founded by Jimmy Tan  in 2002. In this short time, he has helped reconditioned thousands of gearbox. With this in great testimonies in mind, it has made Auto Ninety your first choice in reconditioned gearbox.

Jim has been affectionately called the Gearbox Doctor  as he is called upon everyday by his customers who are from within and outside the motor trade for his experts advice on gearbox problems. He is quick minded to advice his clients the best options to resolves their gearbox  problems.

Ninety One is located in Ampang , Kuala Lumpur has customers throughout the nation, including Sabah and Sarawak.Whilst they serve within the country , there have been many enquiries from overseas countries seeking his quality reconditioned gearbox and his expertise in gearbox.

So when the next time you have the need of a simple advice on gearbox, call on the Gearbox Doctor by phone or email.

Have a safe drive.

Gearbox Doctor,