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Subaru Boxer Turbo Diesel Engine

Car engine: main structure

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How engine works


Ferrari V8





Transmission Problems Explained And Remedies Found

There may be many reasons that a gearbox in a car begins to play up, but what is obvious is that it should be sorted out quickly to avoid some rather costly repair work being done further on down the line. Indeed, those people who ignore leaks and slow response times in automatic cars are just storing up severe problems for the future. For those who want to find a good company to do this kind of work, look under 'transmission problem' or 'transmission rebuild' to find companies in the local area which can undertake the work easily.

There are many things which can go wrong in the gearbox of course. The constant shifting of gears, either manually or automatically ensures that there is always friction going on here. Because the fluid also needs to be kept topped up, most people will do this at regular intervals and they will also make sure to flush out the old oil as well. In fact, dirty oil is just as bad as not enough oil since the particles in it could actually damage the gears as well.

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