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SW Risk Control Services Sdn Bhd (SWRCS)


About the Company

SWRCS was established in 1995 and by the year 2001 it was re-registered as a Sendirian Berhad. We provide a comprehensive range of general insurance services, mainly in the areas of :-

1. Agency Training & Development
2. Insurance Employees Training & Development
3. Risk Assessment and Loss Control
4. Risk Management
5. Insurance Consultancy and Intermediary
6. Claims Consultancy


Certain Perils Cannot be Prevented but its Consequences Can be Managed Facing an Assured Future Through Better Insurance Protection

We started off small, doing only training and development, however, with Mr. Wong’s background as a qualified underwriter and a fully trained surveyor, SWRCSSB received requests for risk assessment and claims consultancy.

With constant development we have managed to bring in prominent people who are specialist in their own fields. Currently we have expertise in the areas of law with the renown Mr. Terrence Naidu LLB Hons and Mr. Eddie Wei LUTC Fellow who is one of the best Life insurance man around.

1 & 2. Agency and Employees Training & Development

Our principal officer is Mr. Sam Wong, an extremely qualified and experienced insurance professional. His specialty is both Property and Liability insurances. He has been involved in general insurances since the early 1980s and has progressively develop into a potent force in both the areas of training and development of insurance employees and agents alike as well as being the top insurance claims consultant in Malaysia.

Sam Wong started his training debut in the Malaysian Insurance Institute, whereby he was quickly declared to be the general insurance specialist by counseling Chief Executive Officer - Puan Maizon. Over the years, we have provided training to almost all the major insurance companies in Malaysia. We have trained thousands of agents and employees alike.

Most if not all participants had given an almost perfect evaluation and even MNI Takaful had declared Mr. Sam Wong to be the best ever trainer. We continue to enjoy repeat orders and that by itself speaks volume to our professional approach in the areas of training and development.

In addition, our jobs also included designing and counseling in the drafting of general insurance policies for insurance companies. Notable was the 3 classes of policies for health insurance for PanGlobal Insurance Berhad starting from the Clinical Outpatient Insurance Policy and the two Health - 1 Individual and Group policies.

3. Risk Assessment and Loss Control

We provide risk assessment and loss control services to both the Insurers as well as to our direct customers. In the areas of risk assessment we will conduct a physical inspection looking into the areas of fire as well as burglary loss exposures. We have theoretical knowledge into the causes of fires and how fires spread as well as fire extinguishment. From our physical inspection of multi million ringgit risks, we have uncovered discrepancies or the lack of fire fighting systems. We have practical experience in the areas of testing and using all types of fire fighting facilities as well as detection systems. We have conducted seminars for insurance employees in the areas of fire surveys with the intention of preventing fires and to reduce fire losses should it occurs.
We provide expertise in the areas of security and have provide such services to risks which are high target goods. Our security advise has provided some customers an awareness on their over confidence of their existing security systems resulting in the need to upgrade their systems which was designed by the top security companies in the world.

4. Risk Management

Mr. Sam Wong is one of the few qualified Risk Managers in Malaysia, after obtaining the Associate in Risk Management form the Insurance Institute of America. Therefore, besides training and agency work, we also provide risk management services. We always begin by conducting a physical inspection and interviews with all the line managers to gather as much information as we can about the customer.

This first step will assist us to identify all the loss exposures that threatens a business entity. It is only by identifying the perils or loss exposures, then only we can find the best and most economical methods to manage them.

The second step is to measure the impact that these risks or perils will have on the business entity. By measuring the impact (risk analysis) will allow us to formulate the most cost effective methods to deal with these perils.

The third step is to formulate the best risk management technique to manage the risks that were identified. Again, the risk management technique selected must be cost effective and aimed at the cause rather than at the symptom. Risk management techniques are broadly classified as Physical or Financial.

Physical risk management techniques includes risk avoidance, loss reduction, loss prevention, segregation of loss exposures and contractual risk transfer for risk control.

Under financial risk management technique we have current expensing of losses, unfunded reserves, funded reserves, borrowings, captive insurer and transfer to either a commercial insurer or contractual transfer for risk financing.

The fourth step is to implement and monitor the risk management techniques selected. We have to ensure that the risk management technique is capable of being implemented and thereafter frequent monitoring to check the effectiveness of the technique.

We have provided risk management services to both the private (Rimbunan Hijau Group of Companies) as well as the public sectors (Johor Port Authority). Our fees are considered to be the most reasonable in the market.

5. Insurance Consultancy and Intermediary

Whilst conducting an agency training in a hotel in Kuala Lumpur we were approach by agents that were asking us a simple question “Do you just talk only or can you back it up with real results?” The lectures must be backed by experience, on the one hand we were teaching agents on the methods to excel themselves and yet we ourselves are not agents. As such, from that day onwards, we set up our agency department and am now registered with 4 insurance companies. We have an associate company in Penang, “Corisma Sdn Bhd” in 2000 which was set up to service a large public listed company in Penang, which was also our first big customer.

From that day onwards, we started to build up an impressive clientele ranging from personal lines to major industrial risks. Our approach utilises risk management techniques and more often than not, we practically have to re-design the entire insurance programme for each new customer.

Insurance is a very technical subject and there are many ways that the insurer can deny a claim or to reduce the amount payable. As such, the insurance programme developed by us includes practically every extensions available. In most cases, the Insured will see a savings in premium with an enhanced cover.

By being an insurance intermediary we can keep in touch with the market information pertaining to the premium ratings and the resources of individual insurance companies.

6. Claims Consultancy

The whole purpose of buying insurance is for the Insurer to pay compensation in the event a loss occurs, however, this may not happen. It does not happen because the terms of the insurance contract prevents the claim from being paid. We can call them the fine print or exclusions or uninsured perils, the result is all the same - the claim is simply not payable. An insurance is a contract that is evidenced in writing, in the event of a dispute, the court will rule in accordance to the written instrument. The policy jacket is therefore the exclusive evidence of the insurance contract, the judge will then rule according to what that was written, nothing less, nothing more and nothing different. Since almost every insured person does not read through the terms of the insurance contract, they find themselves in a boat trying to go upstream, without any paddles. This is where we can make a difference, after studying general insurance for more than twenty years, we can actually turn claims which were rejected by the insurers. We are in effect the claims equaliser.

Insurers can also utilise many methods not only to reject the claim but also to reduce the claim payable - this can happen when there are defects in the existing policy. The insurer can actually drown the Insured with technicalities which will delay, deny or reduce the claim payable.

We are one of the very few qualified claims consultant, our academic as well as practical experience makes us one of the country’s top expert in the management of difficult claims cases.
Our staff are qualified in the Associate in Claims from the American Insurance Institute as well as being the top student in Malaysia by winning the gold medal for “Property and Casualty Claims” paper conducted by the Malaysian Insurance Institute. Besides the theoretical knowledge we have plenty of experience tackling difficult claims, such as suspicious claims or claims without any documentation.

As a claims consultant we have had many successes even though the insurer had already rejected the claims due to the exclusions applicable or some breach of policy terms. By using our expertise in the property insurance contracts and in loss adjusting methods, we has delivered difficult claims with up to 97% of the sum insured, as total loss payable.

Our strong point is our ability to manage consequential loss claims. We have had many customers who simply could not understand the documentation required to pursue a con-loss claim. We not only collate the documents we also work out the trends in the business and compute the entire amount for which the insured is entitled under the policy. However, most if not all insureds do not have a good policy on their hands, as there are not many con-loss experts around in our country.

By being directly involved in claims we can understand and design a better insurance programme to ensure that there will be no problems when it comes to a claim.



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